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Sports. Law. Writing. Mom of two.
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General Analytics Projects

HR Employee Attrition Reduction

I wrote and built custom functions and models in R to assess the main drivers behind employee attrition and implemented a personalized plan to promote retention, which saved a company $15 million.

Bikeshop Data Exploration and Recommendations

I took bikeshop data regarding sales of different types of bikes and generated a report. Here is the code used to generate the report.

Sports Analytics Projects

What is a first-round pick worth in baseball?

In the NFL, draft picks are considered valuable commodities, especially first-round picks. I examined whether that is the case using WAR and All-Star Game data and drew some conclusions about prospects, as well. Here is the code I wrote to generate my insights.

The numbers prove that Zach Wilson’s chances of turning around are minuscule

Following the New York Jets’ first loss to the New England Patriots this season, 22-17, I went back into NFL history from the last 20 years to explore what the data says about Zach Wilson’s long-term prospects. The answer was grim, and it is bearing out in the fact that he was benched before completing his second season as the former No. 2 overall pick.

Does Zach Wilson’s height affect him as a quarterback?

There is a perception among some New York Jets fans that Zach Wilson’s height makes it more difficult for him to succeed as an NFL quarterback. I decided to look back at both the numbers and the history of previous quarterbacks of a similar height to explore whether the claim has any merit.

How Mike LaFleur can improve his play-calling in 2022

Heading into the 2022 season, the New York Jets had a lot to improve on offense. I took a look at some of their offensive play-calling trends and discussed what needed to change for the Jets to be successful.

Why the New York Mets’ offense is a big problem heading into the playoffs

As the New York Mets neared the 2022 playoff push, I explored their offensive struggles and how they might cause the team issues heading into October.

You can find the code that I used to generate the data here.

The New York Jets’ play-calling was predictable in Week 14 loss to Bills

Using a metric called XPASS, I examined the Jets’ play-calling tendencies in their 20-12 loss to the Bills and explained how the predictability directly contributed to their defeat.